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15 May 2014 Wow much exam such thinking very braindead


I think I’ve found a site that is capable of making tumblr’s “redesigns” look well thought out and user friendly. 

Thanks BBC, I really wanted you to redesign the entire Iplayer to make it 10 time harder to find what I want and mean that it takes 4/5 clicks to get something that took 1 at most with the old version. 


13 May 2014 Yes I know it looks all shiney now but I liked being able to find what I was looking for without wadeing through inumerable bullshit scrolly tabs (and I'll bet it's now less acessability friendly) and god forbid you have an old computer or have a slow connection bbc iplayer

Academics are the worst: part 2351543526

It’s been nearly two weeks dude since you said you’d get back to me and I have no idea whether: A. you’ve forgotten and won’t mind me sending you a gentle reminder or B. are really busy and won’t appreciate nagging. 

13 May 2014 or C. havedecidedI'materriblestudent/personanddon'twantmetobeyourintern The problem is this is the kind of thing so many students would sell their souls for so I need them a hell of a lot more than they need me so I don't want to seem more touble than I'm worth but I really need an answer sooooooooooooon

The Winter Soldier is introduced as this ghost, as this iconic dreaded assassin, and when you see him fully for the first time in the kitchen it’s terrifying. He does seem like an equal villain to Pierce … and then it’s all. fucking. subverted. and made horrific. that childlike docility in his face in the midst of all that violence, accepting that bit in his mouth, that backhand, it’s all haunting.

 you realize just what this is. making people into living weapons at the cost of their humanity isn’t badass or cool or legendary. it’s a sacrifice. it’s a corruption. it’s a greek fucking tragedy. [x]

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12 May 2014 reblog: fyeahwintersoldier I JUST CAN'T It's been a while since I fell down the fandom rabbit hole this hard but like my head is at least 50% bucky feels at any one time atm THIS IS BECOMING A LEGIT PROBLEM CATWS for ts fangirling

I have a bug bite


12 May 2014 Perfectly positioned so the little plastic ring thing rubs on it every time I breath With the whole of my back to choose from why did the little fucker have to bite me RIGHT THERE


do you ever feel like there’s just so many pretty girls but most dudes are just subpar like there are radiant goddesses everywhere and just piles and piles of guys in backwards baseball caps and sandals

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Players will control young female protagonist Nuna and her arctic fox as they try to rescue her homeland from an endless blizzard. Upper One calls itself the first indigenous-owned video game developer and publisher in the U.S. and Never Alone's inspiration comes from the centuries-old stories and folklore of the Iñupiat people native to the region. Priced at $15, it comes out this fall for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

This game makes me so happy. This is what indie developers have an opportunity to create and what, in all likelihood, AAA companies will be forever blind to. Keep an eye on this one, guys it looks brilliant

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10 May 2014 reblog: jeanox I'm not a gamer but I would totally play this and it looks beautiful



Charming Illustrated Cinemagraphs Reflect The Idyllic Mood Of Lazy Summer Days

by Rebecca Mock 

I love these so much

FAO Izzy

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Dear Lord please inject me with Beyoncé’s work ethic and motivation amen

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7 May 2014 reblog: blueklectic grant me the serenity to actually do some revision and the strength to actually eat proper food (cereal for dinner doesn't count) Exam season 2014

For the love of god will you please give me an internship or at least reply to my emails

The desperate internship-hunting-student story 

Starring Aquilegiaisaflower

25 April 2014 Brought to you by ohgodit'sbecauseI'mahugefailiureandaterriblestudentisn'titthat'swhyyoudon'twantme